Psalm 23
Just walk through your valley’s
Don’t give up

Favour in the midst of your Storm
When God sends Favour on your way there must be a storm
Promotion,Healing and breakthrough
When your breakthrough comes the enemy will also be there
Midianiates the descendants of Moses
When Favour comes the enemy throw strife
The enemy cannot be stop your harvest
The enemy don’t want you to reach your destination
Revelation 12v12
We need the enemy to take you to your next level
Favour is always with you
You gonna have challenges
Say God thank you for Favour,the enemy will not steal my Joy,
Your enemies will push you to
God Will give you double for your trouble
Jod said I know my redeemer Lives
God is my provider
When God gives you something to do there will always be Haters
God prepared a table in the midst of your enemy
There is no time for moaning and groaningYour are the Joseph in your family


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