‘’Stop pleasing and start living” This book is must read for evry women.

In Untamed Glennon pours out her heart and thoughts about Love,Christianity,women and parenting

. This book offers a powerful perspective on life- altering moments. Glennon shares how she felt trapped in her marriage and fall head over heels inlove with two time gold medalIST soccer player Abby Warmbach.

Glennon describes how she felt caught between :her love at first sight, fear over what others will think and not wanting to tear her family apart In the prologue of the book she s recounts how upon seeing a caged cheetah at a zoo making her realize that the pacing and cooped up cheetah is a symbolic of a larger issue making her think why she could not follow her heart and leave her husband. Glennon refers to the taming of women like the caged cheetah. Claiming that society holds us back and stifles our true selves.

She describes her struggles with alcoholism and depression at length and worry whether or not she be a good enough mother

Each chapter in the book covers individual memories and Glennon’s own thoughts on particular challenges in life. This memoir Of Glennon Doyle captures part of ourselves that we often Ignore.


This book tells the story of two twin boys growing up in the same family ,in the same town dramatically different they become bitter enemies even as children one good and one bad.

One leaves his peaceful hometown but when all else fails the Prodigal son returns twenty years later.

The reunion of the brothers are sweet and healing at first exposes shattering revelations of good and evil. Its a brilliant suspenseful story of suspicion ,betrayal and a life and death struggle for survival .

Which twin is good? and which twin is evil? as the tables turn again and again If you love suspense you will enjoy reading this book


This memoir by Barack Obama focused on Obama’s political life in his early years, detailing his first campaign and stretches through most of his first term as President of the United States of America.

The book concludes  with the events leading to the killing of Osama Bin Laden in May 2011 ending with a meeting between Obama and the NAVY SEALS who conducted the raid While the book remains focused on Obamas political career in the first 200 pages of the book it also tells of his life and career up through his time in Chicago.

Obama gives favorable descriptions to many of his staff and politicians that he encountered throughout his life and time of presidency This memoir is pleasurable to read .Obama delivers a remarkably introspective to his rise to the White House and his first two –and a half years in office. It  received the 2020 Good read Choice awards for best memoir and Autobiography and named one of the ten most best read books.


This is a must have have cookbook for all the foodie lovers who loves to make unpretentious recipes.

Smitten is a continuation of Sarah Graham’s cookbook Bitten Smitten focus on the extra-ordinary ,creation of uniquely ,quirky ,yet still achievable budget friendly and oh so delicious recipes There is something for every one in this cookbook.

The recipes are conveniently divided into categories such as Nibbles, Speedy SpeedySuppers,Feast and Slow

.Every meal has its own story there is handy hints for the novice and reluctant cook ,cooking and baking tips, kitchen and baking starter kits. Included is a useful meals for a month guide that takes the guesswork out of the eternal question “What’s for dinner “or ‘What shall I cook tonight Each dish is complemented with a wine suggestion to help round off the perfect meal.


A tale of love, light and incidental humor Life’s a drag and nobody knows it better than Bert who wants to write and he wants to kill himself He composed a brilliant suicide note bit so far his attempt at a brilliant suicide note is as devoid of success as his writing career. Not wanting to die wondering if his mother will comprehend his notes ,Bert sets out to explain himself himself in a footnote which kept growing and growing like a monstrous wave

Bert carries on living recounting his string of doomed relationships and dead end job on a printing shop and the fact that he is 34 and still living with his mother.

One day the mysterious Lelani Balt Aka Lighting Bolt walks into the shop and sparks begin to fly.

Bert might have finally have something to write about


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