School holidays can be a difficult time especially for us working parents, but even if you are home keeping kids entertained can be tough especially when the weather is bad or going out is expensive, butvif you do it right it can be a lovely time,below are a few tips to keep boredom away during the school holidays
Invite your friends and their children and find ways to entertain the kids
You can take the kids to the park
You can go and visit your local museum
Use community resources such as the Library, they often have craft activities and better still they are inexpensive
The library are also a source of free books you can and tead it to them
School holidats are a great time to draw on family resources
Take them to the local swimming pool and it is within budget
Do fun activies together as a family like maybe have karoake in the lounge, or play cricket in the yard
Teach them a skill like, baking or gardening plus they will benefit later in life from this useful skills


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