This book is also available in English known as Borderline
Marita Van Der Vyver is one of my favorite authors and with this book she did not disappoint as always it had my stomach in knots reliving the past of the characters
When the Bookworm in me started to read this book I couldn’t put it down lol
This powerful story is about identity and the invisible wounds of the war.
The author contrast Theresa’s angst driven teenage years and Theo’s somber letters and confused paranoid notes from his later years
For year’s Theresa turned her back on her ex husband Theo a paranoid haunted shadow of the man Theresa once loved he spend his life during the last two decades of his life institutionalized.
They share a past where Theo were constricted to fight on the Border in a war that those at home knew nothing about while Theresa a then 15 year old who spent her days dreaming about discos and first kisses.
Forty years after Theo’s death Theresa found a blood stained letter in Theo’s old army box that rips open literally and figuratively Theresa’s world.
Upon realizing the letter was written by a Cuban soldier and addressed to his unborn child
Theresa heads to Cuba in search for the soldier’s child to deliver the letter and to atone in some way for Theo’s deeds and her own ignorance.
Theresa’s travel to the sultry Cuba amidst its picturesque 1950 cars and the fragrant smoke of cigars.
Her travels take her through parts of Cuba tourism seldom see a land of past misery, colorful buildings ever present poverty cheerful resilience and great hearted friendships.
Her search connects her with those branded the enemy during the war in Angola and families torn by it as she begins to unravel what growing up in South Africa during that time really meant
Bit by bit she discovers more about the young soldier, his pregnant teenager girlfriend and a daughter she had to raise alone
You wont believe where she will find the daughters of the soldier
This book is beautifully written it will strike a cord deep within you.
It will touch your heart and raise questions about the past war that cannot be forgotten
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  1. I’ve been looking for a new book to read and after your review I may look into reading this! Thanks for sharing.

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