During the lock down period you can choose to create a good habit or break a bad one
I know we weren’t ready for it I’m still not ready
Below is s a few a few tips in how we can be productive during lockdown and not feel like we stuck in n a rut, or end up feeling Lethargic

Keep a grateful journal and write down everything that you are grateful for, a colouring book or inspirational book help as well

Get out at least once a day, it’s amazing how much fresh air can do for your spirit

If you don’t feel comfortable going outside, there are many free movement classes on YouTube

Put together your in-home gym routine the whole family can participate

YouTube has hundreds of step by step cooking tutorials, which you now can do in the comfort of your own home, plus it will be a perfect time to teach the children how to cook

Rearrange the cupboards and clear out the old junk put on some good old music on while you busy cleaning

Use invaluable resources like free online courses to pick up a skill 

You can live stream Kruger National Park, or Edinburg Zoo Cameras to watch the animals live

Read all those books and magazine which you never have time for

Do something that feeds your soul like yoga, listening to a podcast, or watching a funny video on social media or YouTube

Do a D.I.Y project together as a family, the memories will pop up with a smile every time you see your project 

A jolly karaoke in your lounge is the perfect entertainment for the whole family, create dance moves to make it more memorable

Engage in board games or jigsaw puzzles

Reach out to family members, friends, colleagues via social media or WhatsApp at least once a day, connect with time to seek and provide support

Stay hydrated and eat good nutritious food

Spend extra time playing with the children

There is a lot to be worried about lately but stay positive find humour in the small stuff we all need comedic relief now and then, have grace for one another and take care of your loved ones

Negotiate spaces, this weekend was quite some adjusting for us with lockdown and mind you we are a big family, the children were on top of each other ,so I took out blankets and make a cosy place for each one to retreat too, while I was sitting at the window sill and admiring the beautiful view

So, let’s make the best of lockdown

Remember we are in this together, stay home to stop the spread and flatten the curve



  1. Definitely some great tips here! Especially the home gyms.. it’s so important for mental health to stay active! 🙂

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