Sibling rivalry is fighting between siblings,

It’s common for siblings to fight and detesing one another which can be quite a headache trust me it can be frustrating and stressful sometimes

Children have different roles, personalities and different age groups in the family competing for a equal share of limited family resources

Simple ways to deal with sibling rivalry

Please dont have favorites or take sides or compare them with the other this will only make the kids resentful towards one another

Children copy parents behavior so lead by example and model appropriate and healthy responses to conflict children are more likely to adopt these responses in similar situations

Separate them when they quarrel it give them time to cool down sometimrs all they need is a little space and time away from each other.

Do fun family activities together it helps to build and strengthen sibling relationships.

Give them each a chance to talk and let them listen to one another without interruption.

Boost their relationship with each other by letting them feel more positive about each other.

Let them know that they are special and unique in their own way

Listen to them and celebrate their differences

Resolves disputes in a way that works for everyone


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