Are you struggling to hold anything down due to morning sickness

Here is a few tips to help you ease the quease

  • Eat frequent small meals
  • Snack on a banana it is a good source of Vitamin B6,rice-cakes,or some plain salted chips
  • Avoid standing too close to smokers, trust me it works
  • Avoid spicy foods and drinks or food with a strong aroma that might trigger the nausea
  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice into a cold glass of water
  • Peppermint tea and Ginger Tea did wonders for my upset stomach  with my third pregnancy try the Annique range they have a variety of tea’s
  • Try to eat food at room temperature
  • Fruit smoothies were my lifesavers blend a couple of different fruit together with milk or water it will help sustain your energy levels as well as giving you a boost .
  • Nibble on some ginger biscuits
  • Get enough rest can also help ease morning sickness
  • I hope these tips will help you kick morning sickness in its butt please feel free to add more in the comments

Stay safe and take care till my next blog post


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