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MY BIRTH STORYAs we are celebrating Jordan’s 5th birthday today it made to realize how time flies and how blessed I am.

when I discovered I was pregnant I was caught off guard and I could not believe it cause I was battling with  Ovarion cyst.

But this was one of my most exciting pregnancy although I was faced with a lot of challenges. I was bleeding when I was 7/8 weeks but thankfully it stopped.

Went unto premature labor at 21 weeks luckily my gynae managed to stop it.

As time passes we were soo excited my due date were End July or 1st week in August 2014

I wanted to deliver naturally. August came and went still no baby. Every time when I had pain or cramp or I would not feel well we thought I would go into labor lol And I stop attending my appointments with the gynae cause I was scared for a caesarian.

But I couldn’t stand the pressure anymore

I decided to admit myself on the 7th of Sept they decided to induce me which did not even help to bring on labor cause I could not dilate. On the morning of 9th September 2014,

I started to bleed heavily upon checking they discovered I have no amniotic fluid had to be rushed to the theater I thought that morning I won’t make it me and my baby.

But God is a God of miracles. I had an emergency caesarian and had a healthy 4.2 baby boy and today we are celebrating another year added to his life.

Our sunshine child who is always so full of life, May the Lord bless you, son,


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