I had such a nerve wreckinge experience where my mind just went in overdrive but we get so worked up when we hear the word covid because of all the negativity, And personally It’s not good at all for our mental health

When to work as per normal we had a hectic day at work. I was running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything sorted out due to public holiday the next day. While sitting in our transport while waiting for the others one of my colleagues started to sneeze, I even made a joke to say he is our first case not knowing how spot on I was at that moment, we even pass the quarantine area at Nelson Mandela Stadium joking that we will go visit but thank God none of the cases at work ended up t at the quarantine site they were all lucky to have been self isolating at home
I went to bed feeling like Im on top the world and excited for the public holiday I wanted to do a million things in that 1 day, but when I woke up that morning it felt like the world was on top of me

I had a weird headache, burning sensation in my nose and throat, could not do the stuff that I wanted to do because I was feeling very weak by midday my gums were swollen I had to take out my dentures, couldnt eat, with sinus symptoms.

I went to bed early that night cause I must go to work I told myself I’m gonna feel much better in the morning so sleep it off. I couldn’t sleep tossing and turning my face felt like it my face was on fire. and I had cold shivers

. I had this horrible pain in my body that I couldn’t shake off, I probably drank 4 painkillers that night and Sinucon tablets.
My alarm went off at 5 am. I struggled to get out of bed, while in sitting in the bed im thinking should I go to work, stay at home. I send my Supervisor a whatsapp telling him how I’m feeling he replied back
When to my Gp he examined me
And he told me that I’m coming down with flu. Informed my Supervisor he send me a message :JENOME YOU SHOULD GO FOR A COVID TEST
wait what are you kidding me, I thought I ve got a cold, If there was a covid possibility my GP would have told me.
My mind went in overdrive. I started to panic, I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, my stress levels went to 100,told my husband,and the kids watching their reactions it was gut wrenching, they were shcocked, scared, in disbelief, some wanted to cry my house is always full of laughter but that day their was a grafe silence. Until my 5 year old told me politely hes not staying here he cant afford to get corona his thinking about his school career his moving to my mother’s house and we all k burst out laughing , but I was thinking the whole time do I have covid, did I infect my colleagues, what about my family. I immediately went into self isolating, making it difficult for me cause my 3 year old who I’m still breastfeeding couldn’t understand,why I had to be in the room

S o what I did I would sanitise, myself and him, and put on my mask when I would breastfeed him
Then at 16:35 got a msg


Phew what a relief I thought, I really thought that the test was about me, couldn’t sleep im tossing and turning, thinking how the test will go

Woke up nerves like hell for the test,

I couldn’t think straight that morning,

I couldn’t even figure out where id put my
form and Id meanwhile its right infront of me
Transport came to pick me up, im thinking but how we did everything to the Tee
Sanitise, wear my mask regularly, maintaned social distancing even sanitised my house, Lord please if I’m positive please don’t let my family have it, cause I’m the one who goes out to work and come back,
How will I isolate for 14 days cause the kids like to snuggle up to me, hug me and kiss me, and just sit next to me, God this is too much for me I can’t deal with it
Arrived at the driveway for testing holy moly I thought there’s a traffic build up or maybe all the cars is for the hospital next door, St Georges Hospital, glory what a que on both sides, I thought I’m leaving the lab at midnight due to the long lines
Police, Army, retail workers, entrepreneurs, pregnant women, Elderly people we all waited that day to be tested,

was so anxious my husband ask me something via whatsapp instead of me responding with a answer, I would reply back with his own message lol.

Finally its my turn whoop whoop, I just wanted it over and done felt like the person who are supposed to test me are taking forever
Finally she came and did the test, I had a nose swab done it was quick within two ticks but very sore
Went home, its the fourth day that I still had no appetite, couldn’t put my
dentures on
Went home self isolate again, I had to open my window curtains so that the kids can see me or speak to me
Same old self isolation, breastfeeding with a mask and sanitize, I could only drink cup a soup just so that I can have something to eat to drink my tablets, standing at the window so that my family can see me, If I wanted to use the bathroom they would all go out and keep themselves busy in tge yard and come inside once I’m back the room again, check my phone every second for any message from the lab, Im a Bookworm but not even reading interested me, switch on the tv then there would be something on about covid I immediately switched off the tv,
It totally depressed me, even going on social media

Still no message from the lab by now the suspense were killing me,
I checked my phone every damn second thinking maybe I overlooked the message
What was seconds felt to me like hours
I even cleaned up my phones storage thinking maybe my memory is full thats why I didn’t received my message yet
I fall asleep round about midday, wake up and strange my mind or focus wasnt on my results, It felt like my mind blocked it out for a few minutes.
I did not even bothered with my phone
And wroops message alert I thought it could be a whatsapp message
Open the phone daw the message
I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought to myself aren’t I maybe reading the msg wrong,
I read it 4 times over and over before I’ve forwarded to my Manager
I literally cried before I told my family the good news
I felt so good after that lekke cry, I cried away all my frustration, fear, anxiety, worry, stress cause I really thought I had covid and that I would be tested positive

17 of my colleagues were tested positive I was in close contact with 15 of them due to the nature of my work

They were fortunate to have recovered and all of them are back at work

My Covid scare


  1. I so agree with you dear, COVID19 has become such a scare, my daughter calls it monster COVID, it has taken our lives through so many twist and turn but we shall overcome this together, by sharing our experience nd helping each other.

    Thanks foe sharing this 😊

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. Sorry for the scare, I am glad that you are fine and so are 15 of your colleagues. Take care and enjoy with your family; we all need positivity and hope!

  3. Great you tested negative. But it can be really nerve wracking to wait for the reports. I can totally understand your feeling at that time.

  4. How scary! So glad to hear you didn’t get it, although I’m sure it was really rough during the waiting period you had to endure while your test results were processed.

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