When 2020 began it was just like any other year we were decreeing and declaring that 2020 will be our year, the year of plenty twenty we were unaware that a destructive pandemic is looming at us and three months into 2020 Covid – 19 showed its ugly face and it showed us the flipside of life.

When the President announced that from the 26March 2020 we would go into lockdown which was supposedly to last only 21 days our lives were brought to a halt

The covid infections and death started to rise rapidly

One thing was clear is that the road was going too be relentless for us

Faced with fear, anxiety and uncertainty it left a path of destruction,with regards to economic turmoil, and the high unemployment

No generation were left unaffected, no aspect of life protected, the world came to a standstill

As the distance between us became greater, the world united against a great enemy


  • Tobacco were banned and alcohol which breathed life into the illicit trade of these products
  • Staying in becomes the only going out
  • Travelling were cancelled and borders were closed
  • Parents or elder siblings had to became instant home schooling teachers
  • Face mask become the latest fashion accesory
  • Plans were cancelled, travelling become a memory
  • Business men and women become stay at home parents
  • Our precious children had to quickly learn about wearing mask and seperation from their friends.
  • Churces were closed we had to rely on live streaming
  • We experience a lot of sadness, heartbreak and loss due to our loved ones, friends and colleague’s who succumb to covid
  • Stay home, Sanitize, stay safe, and masked up became our new mantra


  • Clearing your throat or coughing in public would make the people look at you as if you commited a murder
  • In supermarkerts, Gp’ office, hospital, public transport we had to trust that the person to us is not experiencing symptoms
  • During the first few weeks of lockdown I was gripped of fear for leaving home

However we’ve moved the level of lockdown a few times based on the rates of infection and death, some restrictions has been lifted by our President, we’ve managed to withstand two waves of Corona-virus thus far.


  • There were lots humour and hope
  • Time spent with family doors
  • Our famous’Family meeting with the President”
  • The hillarious and unforgettabl tik-tok videos, challenges and memes that were trending on social media
  • Some of us become instant chefs, dancers, artist writers while at home mind you Ive even developed green fingers

Its one year and 10 days later and Covid is much part of our present each day still presenting us with challenges while we still live through lockdown

Its for me mind blowing how our lives changed, how we adapt and navigate our way through this pandemic

While we trying to make peace with the unpredictable for some it has been a time of unimagenable tragedy, and life changing expereience


  • Life is short and death is suddenly
  • Live each day as if it is your last day on earth
  • Cherish those close to you always tell them how much you love and cherish them
  • Dont wait for opportunies the time is now go and create them
  • Make wonderful memories
  • Stable employment is bestowed upon only a few
  • Im grateful for my family, friends, connections especially those who helped me grow and celebrated it with me
  • The pandemic forced a changed in our sustainable behaviour we should preserve it
They say"I'ts not about how many rocks you've hit to reach to your destination it is about how you make your way through them"

I believe that since 26 March 2020 up until now has been a classical example of this verse


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