Raising children in a broken worldDear parent the bible tells us that we should train our children the way they should go and they will never depart from it but how do you do it in a broken world?

Pray for your children and teach them how to pray
Attend a word-based church
Spend quality time together
Teach them, and nourish them
Speak life and blessing over your children’s life
Break and bind generational curses over your children’s life and speak generational blessings over them
Tell them you love them regularly, and how special they are.
Tell them regularly that they are our Future
Tell them their strengths
Meet and interact with their friends I make it my duty to know my children’s friends
Encourage them to step out their comfort zones
Instead of buying your children expensive gifts and name brand clothes, teach them values and rather use that money to invest in their future
Do not turn a blind eye for your children’s wrongdoings reprimand them if need be
Retain Acces to your children online and social media accounts and check them regularly
The biggest inheritance a parent can give his child is spending time with them on a daily basis
Instead of buying your children what you never had as a kid rather teach them values
Teach your sons to respect women.



  1. Beautiful advice here … Speak life and blessing over your children’s life (love that). I also think it’s important to help children see, that even though parts of the world are broken – that does not represent all of the world. And there is incredible beauty still to be found in the world. There is a fantastic group for South Africans called #imstaying – uplifting stories about all the kindness being carried out in SA.

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