We are living in unprecedented times so its okay not to feel okay, one thing Ive learned these past few months is to embrace my emotions wholeheartedly.

None of us could’ve foreseen how this year would be let alone having a second lockdown

If you feeling lethargic or unmotivated doing some exercise, there is a variety of fitness apps  or take a walk around the block  for twenty minutes it releases endorphins (the happy mood) it will helps you to Kickstart your day and instantly lift your mood

Stay connected to your family and friends one of the reasons we often feel demotivated is because we are disconnected from our loved ones and friends schedule virtual get togethers via Zoom, make a coffee date via zoom with you Friends, organize a play date, its up to us to keep the connection strong

Relax with a yoga app it has many benefits like helping you to relax, sleep better.,manage stress and just  brighten your mood you can enjoy a yoga session from the comfort of your own home

Help out others according to research if you help out other people it can promote changes in the brain linked with happiness, so brighten your life by doing a good deed

Do some spring cleaning and chuck out everything that you don’t need or donate any unwanted clothes to some charity organization

As important it is to look after your physical body please look after your mental health as well, read some motivational books, try out a new recipe, listen to inspirational TEd talks, do some gardening, listen to some podcasts, listen to your favorite songs and sing along, or just sit in the sun for a few minutes this activities will do wonders for your soul

Celebrate the small things even if it is small goals that you’ve achieved

Learn new things or habits and re-discover old ones use your time sensibly, do some online courses Allison courses and Udemy Academy offers a variety of free course online that you can choose from

Eat healthy and maintain a  normal sleep schedule

Take some time off and do a digital detox especially if social media is making you feel stressed and anxious

Look after yourself and keep keep safe and maintain the social distancing protocols and whenever you feel motivation is lagging go back to what inspired you

I hope these tips motivate you as much as they motivated me  you can share yours in the comments


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